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Providing Medical Relief, Supplies & Training

Caring for burn victims in Liberia

Our Mission Is to Provide Medical Supplies, Treatment & Training for burn victims

In Liberia, most cooking is done over an open fire and usually involves boiling water.  Children are often in the kitchen, and hot water wounds to children are widespread.  In Liberia knowledge regarding caring for burns is low and the proper supplies are scarce or non-existent. That’s where Liberia Medical Relief is helping. We administer medical care, dispense medical and other supplies, plus provide training on how to care for burn victims. Help to make a difference and support Liberia Medical Relief today.

Changing the Lives of Liberia’s Burn Victims

Meet L.K., a woman who reported a thief to the police. In retaliation, he threw acid on her face and chest. L.K. suffered significant skin loss and a severe deformity on her body. With the help of a Liberian Representative and a Senator, the Strathys took on this difficult case and used their unique skills and medical expertise to reconstruct L.K.’s face and apply a skin graft. Unfortunately, due to a lack of physical therapy care in Liberia, the necessary treatment to maintain the correction has compromised L.K.’s recovery.

Meet T.P., a boy who suffered a hot water burn to his left arm. Due to the severity of the burn and lack of immediate medical care, his elbow became limited with what could have been a permanent 90-degree contracture. The Strathys took on this seemingly untreatable case — and thanks to their generous donation of surgical services and therapy, T.P. has regained full range of motion in his arm.

Meet M.R., a young girl who suffers from seizures. During one of M.R.’s seizures, she fell into a cooking fire and sustained severe third-degree burns. Since M.R. and her family live in a rural area, she received minimal health care which resulted in massive scarring and damage to her face and eyelids. When a visiting missionary nurse brought M.R. to the Strathys, they saw extensive surgery was required to restore her health. They were able to dramatically improve M.R.’s condition but without funds for required physical therapy treatment the reconstructive outcome is limited. M.R.’s condition, however, is vastly improved thanks to the Strathys’ intervention.

Meet M.H., a boy who was severely burned when hot water spilled onto the left side of his body. Since his family lives in a rural area, medical treatment was limited to binding his left arm to his chest, which caused the arm to become affixed to his side. With a single reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kevin Strathy was able to detach the arm from its side, fully restoring M.H.’s ability to use his left arm and resume life as an active little boy.

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It’s a great organization doing wonderful things for the people of Liberia by providing free medical services to the needed and less fortunate masses.
Dr. Kevin and his wife Natu are caring and loving and just great to be around. May God bless them!
MonaLiza Smith